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You have more options when it comes to choosing your plastic surgery team than ever before. The mission of Metropolitan Plastic Surgery is to provide consistently excellent, safe and patient-centric aesthetic plastic surgery care.

Through and through, the mindset, culture, and focus of Dr. Aimé and each staff member is to deliver a genuinely exceptional experience for each and every patient and their network of support. Each patient is heard, treated with respect and dignity, and engaged as a partner in their own aesthetic journey. We welcome feedback and continue to strive for excellence in making a positive transformative connection in the lives of our patients.

Our goal is to help you feel strong, sexy and confident in your body.

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Our utmost goal is your health and safety. Every precaution is taken to ensure that you are medically fit for your chosen treatment and that your health is optimized prior to undergoing any procedures. Similarly, during procedures, extra care is taken to treat you as we would our own loved ones. The same holds true in your post-treatment. Safety is integral to our practice.


Compassion is woven into the art and practice of medicine and that is no different at Metropolitan Plastic Surgery. We understand and celebrate that each person is different and has unique life experiences. We are interested in getting to know our patients and and developing a genuine, lasting relationship with them. Similarly, our approach to patient care is tailored for each individual.


We are lifelong learners and educators. We strive to continually gain knowledge in the interest of doing the best possible for our patients. We take pride in helping our patients better understand their health so that they can make informed decisions. And we believe in educating the next generations of medical learners. Ask us questions and share your knowledge with us too.


We strive to be as transparent as possible with our patients. Whether it be in terms of the best treatment options and procedures to meet your personal aesthetic goals, our pricing and scheduling or our general care of you and your loved ones, we aim to communicate honestly, thoroughly and in a timely manner. Similarly, we hope that you will share feedback for improvement with us.


We are committed to excellence and consistency. This means treating all patients with dignity and respect, being available for our patients, being involved in the longitudinal care of our patients and working with their healthcare providers if and when the need arises. We are committed to professionalism, equality and kindness.


Science and technology are evolving at an exponential pace and fortunately that includes advancements in plastic surgery. Our goal is to be knowledgeable about new products and procedures, their risks and benefits, and their safety and efficacy profiles. We offer products and procedures that have been validated through research and that we trust for our patients and ourselves.

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