Earlobe Repair Surgery

What is Earlobe repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery is a minimally invasive procedure designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of torn, split, elongated, or misshapen earlobes. These issues can result from factors such as earrings, gauges, age, genetics, or piercings. Despite being a subtle feature, earlobes can draw attention and exhibit signs of aging or injury. Even minor imperfections can have a significant impact.

This in-office procedure is straightforward, involving minimal pain and downtime. It aims to restore the normal contour of earlobes, providing a simple solution for those seeking improvement. For individuals who wear earrings, earlobe repair surgery offers a pathway to rejuvenate their earlobes, enabling them to confidently wear their favorite earrings once healed. Many patients regain the confidence to showcase their earrings and wear their hair back after undergoing this rejuvenating procedure.

Quick Facts


  • 1 to 1.5 hour surgery length
  • Local anesthesia
  • In-office procedure or combine with other facial procedures
  • Scar in center of earlobe
  • 1 - 2 week recovery


  • Restores the natural shape and contour of the earlobe
  • Allows earlobe piercing to be re-positioned
  • Allows earrings to be worn again
  • Prevents having to cover earlobes with hair to hide them
  • Restores confidence

Who is a good candidate for a earlobe repair surgery?

You'll likely benefit from an earlobe repair surgery if you have:

Preparing for earlobe repair surgery

Before your procedure, an initial consultation with Dr. Aimé will be scheduled to assess your ears, capture photographs for your medical chart, and discuss the appropriate repair technique based on the extent of the tear. Risk and benefits and well as expected recovery will also be discussed. Should you decide to move forward with the earlobe repair procedure, you can select a convenient date for the in-office treatment that aligns with your schedule. On the scheduled day, you simply arrive for the minor procedure with minimal preparation required. After completion, you are free to drive yourself home, as the procedure typically involves very little downtime.

earlobe Repair Surgery

Earlobe surgery is a minimally invasive procedure commonly performed using local anesthesia within the comfort of our office. The specific surgical approach is tailored to the unique characteristics of your earlobe(s). Generally, Dr. Aimé removes torn edges, trims any excess earlobe (e.g., if it's large or too long), and meticulously sutures the edges back together using both dissolvable and removable sutures, with the latter typically taken out about one week post-surgery.

One notable advantage of being awake during the procedure is the ability to witness real-time results and provide immediate feedback. Following closure of the incision, a small piece of medical tape or ointment is applied. Typically lasting about 1 hour for a single earlobe repair or approximately 1.5 hours for bilateral repairs, the procedure allows for a swift return to your routine. Post-surgery, you have the freedom to drive yourself home, ensuring a convenient and efficient recovery process.

Recovery after earlobe repair surgery

After undergoing our efficient earlobe repair surgery, you can expect minimal recovery or downtime. Once the local anesthesia subsides, which usually occurs within a few hours, you may experience mild pain, tenderness, or throbbing. Over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and ibuprofen effectively manage this discomfort. Some mild bruising and swelling may occur.

While no specific dressings are necessary, Dr. Aimé may suggest applying Vaseline or Aquaphor to the incision twice daily if surgical tape is not in place. Feel free to resume your regular activities immediately after the procedure, including work or school. Showering is permissible the next day, and light exercise can be resumed within a week.

It's important to allow the incisions to fully heal before submerging them underwater, whether in a bathtub, pool, or hot tub. Approximately one week post-surgery, return to our office for the removal of any non-absorbable sutures. Dr. Aimé can also re-pierce your ears, if desired, around six weeks after the procedure. Bring along light stud earrings in a metal well-tolerated by your skin to your appointment for this optional enhancement.

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Earlobe repair Surgery
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The following are reputable organizations that provide information specifically for plastic surgery patients on this and other procedures.

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